Optimize the training of your horse


Top sport

Improve the performance of your sport horse by exercise testing and intensive monitoring of training sessions and competitions. Moxie Sport analyses the different measurements and draws up a suitable advice. By optimizing training, measuring results and analysing competitions you will achieve better performances at top sport level.

Recreational sports

Optimize the training of your horse with a tailor-made training program or advice. Due to targeted feedback, practical advice, condition tests and appropriate training programs you will know exactly how to improve your training sessions and thus your (competition) performance.


As researcher at the Faculty of veterinary medicine, and embedded scientist (NOC * NSF) Dr. Carolien Munsters (PhD) committed doing research focused on workload, fitness and injuries in Warmblood sport of horses. Moxie Sport conducts scientific research on an appropriate training approach, tests product innovations for companies and hosts regular lectures on (inter) national conferences.


Increase your knowledge on equine exercise physiology. Moxie Sport offers a variety of courses and workshops in the subject of sports physiology; heart rate measurements, training principles, horse-rider interaction, training programs and more. Also tailor made courses for companies or specific target groups are possible.

About Moxie Sport

Moxie sport supports and advises top athletes, passionate amateurs, coaches and trainers in the field of equine exercise physiology. Based on innovative measurements practices and competitions are analysed. The results are translated to an appropriate advice, or a personalised training program to optimize athletic performance and to keep your horse healthy and fit. In 2010 Moxie Sport was founded by Carolien Munsters. She holds a PhD degree in equine exercise physiology. By translating scientific knowledge into practice, she helps riders and coaches to improve their performance. Moxie Sport guides, among others, the Olympic Eventing team and was able to contribute to the Olympic Games in London and Rio de Janeiro. Moxie Sport also supports international riders in various disciplines to European and World Championships.
Finally, Moxie Sport offers courses in equine exercise physiology. Besides Moxie Sport Carolien is also active as a researcher at the Faculty of veterinary medicine (Utrecht university) and as an embedded scientist in the equestrian sport for the Dutch Olympic committee (NOC * NSF). More info on Moxie Sport.


Sanne Voets

Sanne Voets, paradressuur ruiter o.a Olympisch Goud in Rio, 3x goud op de Wereld Ruiterspelen 2018 in Tryon Paard Demantur. Een optimale voorbereiding op de

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