Condition test for horses

A condition test gives insight in what the physical condition of a horse is. This is interesting to know for riders who want to improve their training sessions or when their horse is recovering after an injury. Moxie Sport measures the heart rate and speed during a workout, at home or on location. What else is measured depends on the discipline and the training level of the combination. For example, a lactate measurement can be needed to get a more complete picture of the physical condition.

Training advice or programm

After the test, the results are analyzed and you will receive appropriate advice and training guidance for the coming period. The condition test will give insight into the condition, strength and areas of improvement. Also, you will know better what exercise intensity is appropriate for your horse. It just might be that you think a particular exercise is very helpful while your horse is experiencing something else. Based on the test results and the advice Moxie Sport offers you can optimize the training. Depending on the competition season and progress of your horse the condition test will be repeated after some time. Then you’ll see how your horse has grown physically and where opportunities to further improve the training are.