Individual training program horses

The process always starts with a sport specific, physiological analysis. This includes a comprehensive exercise test which will give insight in the strong and weak points of your horse. The results of the test combined with scientific knowledge and practical experience will lead to an individual training program for a period of approximately three months drafted by Dr. Carolien Munsters. The workouts are tailored to the already scheduled practices and competitions, so that they reinforce each other.

Workload of your horse

During the training program you measure the training of your horse with a heart rate monitor and if possible a GPS system. After each workout you place the data into a digital work environment. Moxie Sport analyses the data and gives feedback twice a week. If necessary, the training program will be optimized. The progression of your horse is accurately monitored and you will receive feedback from the analysis. That way you’ll get insight in the actual load and load-bearing capacity of your horse, so you can optimize the preparations for a Championship.

Peaking at the right moment

Thanks to the comprehensive analysis platform that Moxie Sport uses, the feedback is based on very specific information about the physical condition of your horse. This allows you to intensify or minimize the training at the right time. It doesn’t only help you to pursue the most optimal preparations before an important event, it also helps to prevent injuries or overtraining.

Moxie Sport accompanies Olympic riders

In the past years, Moxie Sport accompanied many riders in their preparations for the Olympic Games, European and World Championships. Moxie Sport has escorted the Olympic eventing riders to the bronze medal at the World Equestrian Games in Caen, fourth place at the European Championships and the Olympic Games in London and Rio de Janeiro. Moxie Sport also accompanies Juniors, young riders and pony riders to European Championships. Finally, many carriage drivers, endurance and Grand Prix Dressage riders use our services during their preparations for a world, European or Dutch Championships.