Sport specific exercise test horse

To get a complete image of the physical capabilities of your horse a sport specific exercise test is recommended. Depending on the discipline and the training level, one or more tests will be done. For example, a fitness test or lactate measurement. The obtained data is analysed by Moxie Sport, after which you will receive targeted feedback including practical training guidelines.

Optimize training through data science

Depending on the competition season and progress of your horse it is advisable to repeat the exercise test after some time. By measuring the physical condition of your horse again, you will see exactly where your horses progression is at. After the test you will receive a concrete advice that allows you to optimize the training for the next period, independently. Often this method is chosen because it gives you the right insights quickly without intensive individual monitoring, where you should measure every training and every competition. If you would like to receive more feedback on your workouts, this, of course, is negotiable.